Bedia Kale, Corineum, Acyrlic on Canvas, 70 x 78 cm 

She was born in 1975 Nicosia, Cyprus. She studied at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine arts, Department of Ceramics. She had her Bachelor's degree at Marmara University, Institute of Educational Sciences, also completed her pedagogic formation and master's degree in Istanbul. Wıthin years of 1999 and 2006, she thought Art and Crafts at several collages and elementary schools in Turkey and Cyprus. She opened her own art and ceramic studio in 2000. She became a member of Ceramist Assosiation of National Education and Culture of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Department of culture as a fine arts attendant and event organizer since 2006. She participated in many group exhibitions and held solo exhibitions iof her work in Cyprus, Turkey and England. Bedia Kale currently lives and teaches art and ceramics in Kyrenia, North Cyprus.