Lapta Camii ve Kilise

Salih Mustafa Çizel, Lapta, Oil on Canvas, 20 x 30 cm 

Çizel was born 1946 in Larnaca and finished his studies where he has born. His talent to arts and painting discovered by his teachers during his school life, also one of his watercolours exhibited when he was in elemantary school. Artist kept drawing while he continued his career during. Çizel attented to many group exhibitions until 1963 and opened his solo exhibitions in 1968 Larnaca. In 1972, he showed his works in Dikhelia British Bases. His second solo exhibition took place in İstanbul Hilton Hotel in 1990. Artist not only involved in exhibitions within the country, he participated in exhibitions in Turkey, Germany, Austria, France, Greece and England. He is still working in his studio in Lapta.